Highlights from the HCM Excellence Conference

From January 25 to 27, ellicom attended the Human Capital Management Excellence Conference 2017, as laureate, exhibitor, and sponsor, and  also had the honour of receiving two distinctions! Patrick Dupperé, Director of Learning Strategies shares his experience at the Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Conference.

How was ellicom’s experience at the Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Conference?

This was our first time attending the Brandon Hall Conference, and I’m pleased to say that we were very well received. There were approximately 250 attendees and we were able to engage in valuable and personal conversations with Chief Learning Officers, Chief Training Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, Learning and Development Vice Presidents, Directors, and Managers, as well as with current and past HCM Excellence Award winners. Besides taking home two awards, the event was well worth attending.

During the conference, I hosted a Tech Talk about the best practices when implementing a blended serious game strategy, and all seats were taken—some attendees even had to stand during the presentation! The topic generated lively and insightful discussions on the subject.

For me, the highlight of the conference was being able to share and challenge ideas with fellow industry experts. Learning and development professionals are striving to rethink learning strategies and methodologies by challenging the status quo and moving towards innovation. There is a mismatch between organizational reality and the current industry: current solutions no longer meet the needs of organizations. The rules are changing, and major emerging trends include:

  • The return of “content is king”: the ability to source, manage, and curate available learning content will become critical
  • New types of LMSs that promote experiential learning opportunities
  • The rise of personalized learning that targets learners’ personal and professional development

Can you give us a quick summary of your Tech Talk during the conference?

At the Tech Talk, I covered the following topics:

  • The elements to consider and the possible approaches to implement a serious game solution in an organization
  • The right design and development model for a serious game based on the reality of an organization and its learners
  • Best practices for assessing and measuring the learning of a serious game in blended mode

Gamification is based on three major elements: an instructional methodology with a strong theoretical base, a meaningful design model for learners, and a development methodology that builds on the minimal viable prototype (test early, test often).

A critical mistake assessment allows organizations to develop learning scenarios that address common mistakes and present relevant teaching points. Blended learning focuses on correcting behaviour: each mistake is tracked and the learner is given feedback to improve. This is the most effective approach for specific topics, such as health and safety.

What is the future of blended serious game strategies?

During my Tech Talk, I asked participants to raise their hands if they currently used games or gamification in their learning strategies. Roughly 30% did so. Later, 60% responded that they intended on integrating gamification to their learning strategies. I definitely think it’s interesting that a majority of participants intended to integrate blended gamification to their learning solutions. Furthermore, gamification is progressively becoming an integral part of learning solutions offered in organizations. The main roadblock is the C-suite (or upper management) , who may not always see the added value and ROI of gamification. The challenge now lies in showing metrics that will prove the effectiveness of gamification.


ELLICOM takes New York!

Ellicom has the honour to announce its acceptance to the Canadian Technology Accelerator[1] Initiative in New York City (CTA @ NYC) for 2017. This five-month intensive program allows several hand-picked, fast-growing Canadian technology companies to better access the American market. New York City is increasingly taking centre stage as a hotbed for Internet-based technology entrepreneurship.



Ellicom attending the HCM Excellence Conference 2017

From January 25 to 27, Ellicom will make its way to Palm Beach Gardens as laureate, exhibitor, and sponsor of the Human Capital Management Excellence Conference 2017, organized by Brandon Hall Group.

Ellicom will have the honour of receiving two distinctions: Route Measurement Officer Learning Program, designed in collaboration with Canada Post, will take home a Silver Award in the category of Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy, while Operation: Zero Blackout, designed in collaboration with Hydro-Québec, will walk away with a Bronze Award in the category of Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning.



Ellicom and Hydro-Québec named “Best of the Best” at the Canadian Awards for Training Excellence

“Operation: Zero Blackout”, the training program developed by Hydro-Québec and Ellicom, was recognized not once, but twice at the Canadian Awards for Training Excellence held last week in Toronto by the Institute for Performance and Learning (IPL). This prestigious event is a competition between the major achievements in the training industry on a national level, and recognition at this event is highly valued amongst our peers in the industry.


Soula Chronopoulos-gris


Ellicom has announced the appointment of its new president, Ms. Soula Chronopoulos.  As president, Ms. Chronopoulos will help support the company in its rapid growth and expansion into new markets.

Ms. Chronopoulos has over 20 years of experience in the fields of healthcare, medical training, international trade, and real estate investment and development. Before joining Ellicom, she held strategic positions in national and international organizations in addition to founding two companies, one of which PROFIT magazine ranked 54th among the top 200 “Fastest Growing Technology Companies.”



International recognition for our training programs

Ellicom is extremely proud and grateful to have received not one, but two awards at the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards*, the most prestigious awards program in the training industry. This international program is comprised of six divisions, including a Learning and Development division which alone contains 25 categories. This means that there are thousands of applications, and Ellicom was recognized alongside major multinational corporations such as Volvo, Ernst & Young, Boeing, IBM, Deloitte, Air France, MasterCard, Johnson & Johnson, Bridgestone and Tiffany & Co.!



The experts behind the “Operation: Zero Blackout” training

We are thrilled to announce that Nadia Lépine, Senior Instructional Designer at Ellicom, and Christopher Phan, Project Head for the Evolution of Health and Safety at Hydro-Québec (Chef Projet Évolution de la fonction Santé-Sécurité au travail), have been nominated as finalists for the prestigious HR Awards for the training they designed in collaboration with their respective teams. The Canadian HR Awards are part of a national competition that recognizes training and human resources professionals making an exceptional contribution to the management of personnel in their organization. In this context, “Operation: Zero Blackout” caught the judges’ attention with its originality and its impact on Hydro-Québec employees.



Good practices in using Articulate Storyline: The “AUTOMATICALLY DECIDE” option

By Danny Veilleux, Graphic Designer at Ellicom

Why would you leave to chance what you can simply control by avoiding using the “Automatically decide” option?

This option, found in different Storyline menus, exists to make the integrator’s life easier. In some very specific cases, the software will “decide for you” which behaviour to apply for a given screen or layer.



Does social presence motivate learning?

By Natalia Matusevscaia, Instructional Designer at Ellicom

In Adam Waytz’s blog post 2014: What Scientific Data Is Ready for Retirement, he addresses Aristotle’s famous aphorism: humans are by nature social animals. Waytz puts some conditions to the interpretations of the aphorism. He does not deny the human need for socialization: rather, he questions whether being social is easy, automatic, or infinite. Would you agree with Waytz’s thoughts?

For me it all makes sense. We each build our own understanding of the surrounding world through socialization with other people. In the 21st century our happiness, life satisfaction, and professional success depend on connections with others.