Making the Invisible Visible

How ellicom and Hydro-Québec Created a Safe Virtual Reality Training Program about the Danger of Induction in Power Lines

Electromagnetic induction poses a critical health danger to workers that need to work close to power lines. It is invisible, has no odour and no colour. For workers, it is an especially complex phenomenon to understand since it occurs on power lines that do not have any electricity running through them. But the danger is real. In fact, unsuspecting workers performing repair work on an off-voltage line could suffer serious injuries or even die because of the electricity that has accumulated in the power line.

To ensure the safety of its workers, Hydro-Québec was using fragile physical models to demonstrate electromagnetic induction-related phenomena, helping workers learn about the many risks of electrocution. Although the models were appreciated by the learners, since they helped make theoretical aspects much more concrete, there were many drawbacks in using these models. First, they were of considerable size and heavy, the assembly and disassembly were time-consuming, repair was difficult and costly, and most of all, these models carried electrical charges in their wires, and accidents occurred during the training, making handling of the model by learners and trainers dangerous and risky. (more…)


Ellicom Appoints Nishan Joomun as General Manager

Ms. Soula Chronopoulos, President of ellicom, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Nishan Joomun as General Manager, effective since March 18, 2019.

Nishan is a graduate of Cambridge University, with extensive experience in multimedia design, project management, development and IT. He has been a key driver of growth for eConcordia/KnowledgeOne for over 12 years, most recently as Vice President of IT and Development. (more…)

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How Giving Back Can Be Fun, Easy and Rewarding in Every Way!

Asking people to donate to charity is never easy. Even when it’s for a good cause! Individuals and businesses are already swamped with requests to donate to charitable organizations. Well, there are a couple different ways to raise funds. You can either solicit and plead for generosity from others or you make it fun and exciting to donate.

At ellicom, we wanted to give back to our community in a way where people could feel comfortable contributing to a good cause, while making it exciting and fun to participate. What better way to raise money than by drawing prizes! And what better event to host a draw than ellicom’s Learning Event of the Year, the ReBoot Learning Lab! Donating is much more interesting when there are prizes to be won! And this definitely added to the excitement of the event. (more…)

ellicom and OVA Join Forces to Take Immersive Learning to the Next Level

MONTREAL – November 28, 2018 – ellicom and OVA today announced a strategic partnership taking immersive learning to the next level. These two North American powerhouses have teamed up to design and build world-class training solutions using virtual reality and augmented reality for businesses around the globe. Having worked with various Fortune 500 companies, ellicom is Canada’s leader in instructional design and training strategy, while OVA, an immersive and spatial computing start-up with funding from virtual and augmented reality tech giants, is democratizing virtual and augmented reality with its creative StellarX platform. Together, these industry leaders are transforming businesses and reshaping cultures and entire industry workflows altogether.

“We’re thrilled to partner with ellicom to integrate our virtual and augmented reality expertise to immersive learning contexts. Together, I strongly believe that we can help businesses tackle this emerging paradigm shift.”  — Harold Dumur, CEO at OVA

“We believe partnering with OVA will definitely take immersive learning to the next level. Already we’ve witnessed an increase in information retention and employee engagement. Combining our instructional design expertise with OVA’s immersive technologies will truly be a game-changer.”  — Soula Chronopoulos, President at ellicom