Using Social Learning to Create Happiness at Work

With the Bootcamp on Learning Strategies less than two weeks away, ellicom is pleased to present a sneak preview of the themes that will be covered by its speakers.

By François Lavallée, President, Aliter Concept

Fake news: “Twenty percent of people are happy at work”

No, this isn’t another dismal statistic from a study conducted in some far-off country. In fact, it isn’t even a valid statistic. I recently attended a conference on organizational agility where one of the panellists asked the audience of one hundred people, “Who here is happy at work?” About twenty hands went up. (more…)


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Ellicom and Les Affaires are proud to invite you to the Canadian training event of the year : the Bootcamp on Training Strategies! The 3rd edition features two days full of thinking and sharing with over 15 interactive conferences and workshops on the theme of Pedagogy of talent. The event will take place on June 10 and 11 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Montreal.



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The 3rd edition of Ellicom’s Bootcamp on training strategies with the theme of Pedagogy of talent will be held in Montreal on June 10 and 11, 2015. This intensive event is sure to give you plenty of innovative and practical ideas to implement in your business. (more…)