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Research and development is deeply embedded in ellicom’s DNA. It is for this reason that employee training takes on a new twist for us: every employee at ellicom is given the opportunity to lead or participate in a personal R&D project aligned with our strategic initiatives in the areas of new products, services, and process improvement. Our employees have stepped up to this challenge, and this year, they are working on projects ranging from immersive videos in onboarding, to artificial intelligence as a way to drive coaching. Driven by our innovation group (the Dream Factory), each project is conducted using rigorous methodology, hypotheses, and a whole lot of fun! (more…)

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Big Data: Instructional Design Boost

By Natalia Matusevscaia, Learning Strategist at ellicom

What is all the fuss about over big data? How important is big data for instructional design? What do we need to know about it? How can it be used within training frameworks? All of these questions have attracted the attention of instructional design online communities. I took an interest in the topic and read many articles and blogs posts. Let me tell you, big data is that missing piece we are looking for in instructional design in order to build robust learning solutions for diverse learner populations. (more…)


The Commission de la construction du Québec is a finalist in the OCTAS contest for an online training solution developed by Ellicom

For the seventh consecutive year, Ellicom is proud to be associated in the OCTAS contest, which celebrates excellence in information technology (IT) in Quebec. The Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) is competing in the Human capital – Large company category for its training project on aerial platforms and boom lifts, which was an effective blended learning program developed with Ellicom. This program has been used to train 689 workers since it was implemented in February 2014. (more…)