E-learning in 2015: Impacts, innovations and paradigms!

In his recent web conference La formation en ligne de 2015 : les impacts, les nouveautés, les paradigmes, Jean-Philippe Bradette, Vice President of Learning Strategies, explained why you won’t hear the word “trend” at Ellicom, a term he thinks is overused and applied too broadly—he prefers to talk in terms of “movements,” instead.  Bradette’s “lunch and learn” presentation was such a success and stirred up so much attention with our training colleagues that I’ve decided to give a recap. (more…)


School in the Cloud

“It’s not about making learning happen,

it’s about letting it happen.”

Sugata Mitra, 2013.


By definition, “school” is an institution for educating or giving instruction, or the buildings used by such institutions.[1] But what would happen if this institution were to redraw its own boundaries? This is the type of question that Sugata Mitra—professor and Chief Scientist, Emeritus in educational technology—aims to address with his “School in the Cloud” project.

Since Mitra’s TED Talk in February 2013, over 40 000 users have downloaded his SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment) Toolkit to implement the learning environment he developed.



First thoughts from a fresh eye

At the end of summer 2014, I decided to enter the eLearning industry. What I saw back then was a growth industry with an amazing upside, offering digital solutions to both legacy and new business challenges. I saw big name software and great development styles like gamification and mobile apps. The potential was huge, and for a digital native like me, the decision to join the industry was an easy one to make. Now, with almost two months under my belt to reflect on, I wanted to take the time to share some of my first impressions as an industry insider in the hopes of giving veterans a ‘fresh eye’ perspective.



Instructional Design and Mobility (Part 1): E-learning on Mobile Devices

The inundation of tablets and smartphones in educational and professional settings quickly led to the development of mobile learning, or m-learning. We will be publishing a series of three articles to share our thoughts on how mobile learning has affected e-learning design. In this first article, we will examine aspects of responsive e-learning design. (more…)