ellicom at the Congrès RH 2017

ellicom is proud to participate in the upcoming human resources convention, Congrès CRHA 2017, on September 26 and 27.

Jean-Philippe Bradette, VP of Learning Strategies will be giving a conference entitled “Agilité, innovation et transformation numérique,” which we invite you to attend. Feel free to visit our booth as well at the Salon Solutions RH.* (more…)


Your piece of the learning pie

The Learning Pie

Picture a pie.

Make it your favorite flavour (it is starting to be cooler here, so I am picturing a pumpkin pie with whipped cream).

Got the image in your head?

Ok, now imagine you cut a piece of pie and eat it at a table with your family; its pie, right?

Now, you take some of the leftovers to the office to eat as a desert; still pie. (more…)


Ellicom and Hydro-Québec named “Best of the Best” at the Canadian Awards for Training Excellence

“Operation: Zero Blackout”, the training program developed by Hydro-Québec and Ellicom, was recognized not once, but twice at the Canadian Awards for Training Excellence held last week in Toronto by the Institute for Performance and Learning (IPL). This prestigious event is a competition between the major achievements in the training industry on a national level, and recognition at this event is highly valued amongst our peers in the industry.



International recognition for our training programs

Ellicom is extremely proud and grateful to have received not one, but two awards at the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards*, the most prestigious awards program in the training industry. This international program is comprised of six divisions, including a Learning and Development division which alone contains 25 categories. This means that there are thousands of applications, and Ellicom was recognized alongside major multinational corporations such as Volvo, Ernst & Young, Boeing, IBM, Deloitte, Air France, MasterCard, Johnson & Johnson, Bridgestone and Tiffany & Co.!



The experts behind the “Operation: Zero Blackout” training

We are thrilled to announce that Nadia Lépine, Senior Instructional Designer at Ellicom, and Christopher Phan, Project Head for the Evolution of Health and Safety at Hydro-Québec (Chef Projet Évolution de la fonction Santé-Sécurité au travail), have been nominated as finalists for the prestigious HR Awards for the training they designed in collaboration with their respective teams. The Canadian HR Awards are part of a national competition that recognizes training and human resources professionals making an exceptional contribution to the management of personnel in their organization. In this context, “Operation: Zero Blackout” caught the judges’ attention with its originality and its impact on Hydro-Québec employees.



Does social presence motivate learning?

By Natalia Matusevscaia, Instructional Designer at Ellicom

In Adam Waytz’s blog post 2014: What Scientific Data Is Ready for Retirement, he addresses Aristotle’s famous aphorism: humans are by nature social animals. Waytz puts some conditions to the interpretations of the aphorism. He does not deny the human need for socialization: rather, he questions whether being social is easy, automatic, or infinite. Would you agree with Waytz’s thoughts?

For me it all makes sense. We each build our own understanding of the surrounding world through socialization with other people. In the 21st century our happiness, life satisfaction, and professional success depend on connections with others.


ATD- microlearning-elearning-Patrick Duperré

The microlearning revolution

Last May, we asked you to vote on a selection of workshops at the prestigious ATD Conference in Denver, which was attended by Jean-Philippe Bradette, Vice-President of Training Strategies, and Patrick Duperré, Director of Training Strategies with Ellicom. We thank you for your significant participation in our survey, and you can find the results here!

You voted for: The Microlearning Revolution: A Bold New Model for Developing Organizational Talent. Here is a an overview of the microlearning presentation, and a summary of Patrick Duperré’s overall experience at the ATD.



Creativity from a learners’ perspective

By Natalia Matusevscaia, Instructional Designer at Ellicom

I conducted a study with undergraduate e-learners where they were asked to define creative online instruction and identify if it affects their motivation to learn. The findings were quite a surprise! Let’s see what has been found.

Every Instructional Designer (ID) can speak endlessly about ‘that one’ creative course they built where their imagination led to new fun solutions to the old pedagogical problems and where they built learning experience in a brand new way. No doubt the ID had fun. The question remains: do the learners see it the same way and are inspired to learn in “that one” online course?