Ellicom in the news!

By Patrick Leprohon, Instructional Designer at Ellicom

This past week, Ellicom was again mentioned in the news.  CBC News, reporting on the Canadian Government’s latest training experiment, a board game titled ISIS Crisis, mentioned Ellicom in a most flattering way.  In fact, if we had to choose descriptors for what we are and do, “outside the box” would certainly be one of them.

As mentioned in the article, Ellicom was hired by the government to help test some gamification strategies; what the CBC called “gaming experiments”.  (more…)

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Welcome to 2015!

Rather than look back on last year, I invite you to look forward by sharing with you what 2015 promises in terms of new e-learning technologies. Innovation is the key to success for many companies. These days, research and development needs to be at the forefront of our annual planning. Here at Ellicom, we advocate continuous improvement and try to develop original solutions every year to create new learning environments.
Here are 3 innovative projects we are currently working on:



First thoughts from a fresh eye

At the end of summer 2014, I decided to enter the eLearning industry. What I saw back then was a growth industry with an amazing upside, offering digital solutions to both legacy and new business challenges. I saw big name software and great development styles like gamification and mobile apps. The potential was huge, and for a digital native like me, the decision to join the industry was an easy one to make. Now, with almost two months under my belt to reflect on, I wanted to take the time to share some of my first impressions as an industry insider in the hopes of giving veterans a ‘fresh eye’ perspective.