A voyage to the heart of digital learning

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ellicom continues to pursue its expansion on the African continent, where it is already well established. Here, we take a look back on a week of training at Maroc Telecom, Morocco’s leading telecommunications company.

As told by Jean-Philippe Bradette, Vice-President, Learning Strategies at ellicom

With our office in Casablanca for five years now, ellicom and Morocco have a history of innovation and collaboration. From July 10 to 14, I went to meet with our Moroccan partners for a training on digital learning. It was an opportunity for me to do what I love best: share my expertise, and above all, continue to learn.

What was the goal of this trip?

The purpose of this trip was to help build the Maroc Telecom training team’s awareness of the world of digital learning. We decided to take them on a journey with our training entitled Voyage au cœur du digital learning (A voyage to the heart of digital learning).

Is it really different to give a training on a different continent?

I quickly realized that this training would require quite a bit of adaptation and humility on my part. In Morocco, the culture and modus operandi around training is very different from that in Quebec. We had to adapt our training while maintaining the agreed-upon curriculum, in order to meet our client’s expectations. So I made some adjustments: every day I would change the rhythm of the presentation, the type of media I used, the content I would cover, and how the training would unfold. The key to these daily adjustments was to take the time to talk with each participant to understand their needs, and better adapt the training to them.

Did the Maroc Telecom team enjoy the virtual voyage provided by ellicom?

I truly believe they did. The Maroc Telecom employees joined us on the journey: with their laptops, they were able to create training modules covering home automation and workplace safety. We also touched on several design tools that they will soon be working with. Chaymae Drissi, instructional designer at ellicom in Morocco, came to assist me and help support training participants during the activities.

As a trainer, what did you learn?

I realized that nothing is a given, and that adaptation is key: a deliverable must not only meet the client’s expectations but mine as well, and I must always make sure that objectives are met. Above all, it feels good to get out of your comfort zone and reconsider your practices to continue to innovate and guide clients all over the world.

Maroc Telecom, a leader on the African continent

Maroc Telecom is the number one telecommunications company in Morocco, and a leader in Africa. The company holds over 85% of market shares. It has a presence all throughout the nation through a decentralized organization with eight regional offices: Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Agadir, Settat, Fez, Tangier and Oujda. It is considered to be a very strong company. http://www.iam.ma/index.aspx

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