Research and development is deeply embedded in ellicom’s DNA. It is for this reason that employee training takes on a new twist for us: every employee at ellicom is given the opportunity to lead or participate in a personal R&D project aligned with our strategic initiatives in the areas of new products, services, and process improvement. Our employees have stepped up to this challenge, and this year, they are working on projects ranging from immersive videos in onboarding, to artificial intelligence as a way to drive coaching. Driven by our innovation group (the Dream Factory), each project is conducted using rigorous methodology, hypotheses, and a whole lot of fun!

This year, we have over 30 R&D projects in progress with topics such as:

  • Connected objects and training, are we there yet?
  • AI: Creating intelligent tutorial systems to support learners
  • Virtual escape room as a collaborative learning program
  • The potential of sound design in the learning experience
  • A web app to drive integration and social learning
  • One serious game built in three author tools: a comparative exercise
  • Microlearning, from buzzword to reality: methodology, best practices, and project management
  • …and many more

“We are excited to see the energy and creativity of our fearless ellicomians! Each project will not only contribute to their personal development, but benefits the organization, and more importantly, our customers. We will never rest and our goal is to generate new ideas with every project we tackle. I am very proud and humbled by their ingenuity! ”

– Soula Chronopoulos, President


The R&D projects will conclude in a unique event open to our customers, the details of which will be revealed in the spring of 2018. You can follow our progress in the Blog section of our website.

See you on the other side!

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