Denim for a good cause!


On Thursday October 26, the LCI Education Foundation held a Denim Day, during which students, teachers and employees of the LCI Education Network were invited to wear jeans in support of academic perseverance and literacy among youth. To support this cause, ellicom employees took the opportunity to wear their finest pieces of denim!

In addition to fighting against dropping out and increasing student motivation, this initiative reflects the desire to make education accessible to all. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s adults, and one of the greatest gifts we can give them is the tools they need to build the future.

We at ellicom are committed to encouraging access to education, as well as academic perseverance and success. We are proud to participate in fulfilling the LCI Education Foundation’s mission by supporting its many initiatives. ellicom has also pledged to donate a portion of its annual profits to support the Foundation’s mission.


The LCI Education Foundation was born from the desire to make students aware of the importance of their contributions and the positive changes that can come of their initiatives. Click here to learn more about the LCI Education Foundation.

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