e-doceo Canada is about to take flight!

e-doceo Canada

Ellicom is pleased to announce that e-doceo, the e-learning software publisher and our privileged partner since 2006, will open new business locations in Montreal and Québec.

e-doceo will continue to expand independently in order to devote themselves entirely to developing digital learning solutions on the Canadian market. This new development will allow the company to ensure a stronger national presence, offer improved customer service to its North American clients, and evolve amongst the best resources in Canadian e-learning solutions.

The new offices in Québec and Montreal will open on July 1, 2015:

905, rue de Nemours, Suite 218
Québec, Québec, G1H 6Z5
2100, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, 7th floor
Montreal, Québec, H3H 2T3



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