ellicom and OVA Join Forces to Take Immersive Learning to the Next Level

MONTREAL – November 28, 2018 – ellicom and OVA today announced a strategic partnership taking immersive learning to the next level. These two North American powerhouses have teamed up to design and build world-class training solutions using virtual reality and augmented reality for businesses around the globe. Having worked with various Fortune 500 companies, ellicom is Canada’s leader in instructional design and training strategy, while OVA, an immersive and spatial computing start-up with funding from virtual and augmented reality tech giants, is democratizing virtual and augmented reality with its creative StellarX platform. Together, these industry leaders are transforming businesses and reshaping cultures and entire industry workflows altogether.

“We’re thrilled to partner with ellicom to integrate our virtual and augmented reality expertise to immersive learning contexts. Together, I strongly believe that we can help businesses tackle this emerging paradigm shift.”  — Harold Dumur, CEO at OVA

“We believe partnering with OVA will definitely take immersive learning to the next level. Already we’ve witnessed an increase in information retention and employee engagement. Combining our instructional design expertise with OVA’s immersive technologies will truly be a game-changer.”  — Soula Chronopoulos, President at ellicom

Amongst the successful collaborative projects carried out, OVA and ellicom have designed a safe training simulation environment for Hydro-Québec, which replicates the real-world dangers faced by employees in the field dealing with high-voltage repairs. Not only has this platform improved the training process as a whole, but the energy giant has witnessed just how genuinely engaged employees are throughout the immersive learning experience. Hydro-Québec has noted a significant increase in training efficiency and employee productivity, as well as reduced training fees and costs.

Today, the dynamic duo is working with Northwell Health, New York’s largest hospital network, to provide doctors with a virtually optimized and immersive stress-reducing program to help prevent burnout, an increasing challenge in this highly stressful environment. This research study is currently underway.

However, in a recent case study published by Intel about their VR collaboration, it is noted that “VR has the potential to not only revolutionize the field of e-learning, but to redesign the global transfer of knowledge as well as how we engage with our audience.”

With a promising partnership in place, both OVA and ellicom look forward to sharing their e-learning knowledge, as well as their virtual and augmented reality expertise to help businesses transform as they adjust to this revolutionary paradigm shift.

About ellicom

ellicom is a world leader in the field of customized online training. We create, design and produce innovative solutions to provide stimulating and rewarding learning experiences. Our expertise is the result of a multidisciplinary, creative and talented team, capable of unparalleled levels of execution and production capacity, and with more than 1,000 projects that have been completed for a vast Canadian and international clientele. These mandates, of varying nature and scope, have allowed us to go beyond good practices and effective processes, and to think outside the box. We have made curricular innovation our main focus. For more information, visit www.ellicom.com.

About OVA

At OVA, we’re committed to empowering businesses with our offer of spatial computing, artificial intelligence and immersive experiences. Our immersive technology expertise paired with our instructional design experience allows businesses to transform as they tackle the immersive shift. Using virtual, augmented and mixed reality, businesses can take training to the next level, build brand awareness and even optimize operations. As a team, we strive to create the most ethical and personalized immersive experiences, and we always design with privacy and accessibility in mind. For more information, visit ova.ai.


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