Ellicom in the news!

By Patrick Leprohon, Instructional Designer at Ellicom

This past week, Ellicom was again mentioned in the news.  CBC News, reporting on the Canadian Government’s latest training experiment, a board game titled ISIS Crisis, mentioned Ellicom in a most flattering way.  In fact, if we had to choose descriptors for what we are and do, “outside the box” would certainly be one of them.

As mentioned in the article, Ellicom was hired by the government to help test some gamification strategies; what the CBC called “gaming experiments”.  Ellicom brought to bear its considerable experience in gamification, interaction and engagement to what is often referred to as “proof of concept”, whereby a portion of a program is created with the purpose of testing and refining a particular strategy.  In this case, Ellicom took inspiration from two different game types and applied them within a very engaging and interactive application environment.  Ellicom’s job was to develop a portion of the intended program, launch it, and then follow-up on results.  The data collected would then be used not only to further develop the subject matter, in this case, information security, but also as part of a larger strategy to garner support from senior management as to the benefits of gamification.  It seems to have worked!

Not only was this project successful in terms of learning objectives, but it also experienced a high level of learner commitment to the program with the majority of them providing feedback.  Learners felt involved in their own learning process and where completely engaged with the interaction and function of the program that contained a number of gamification components such as leaderboards, missions and immediate feedback.  Even the occasional wrong answer was treated as a learning scenario with recall and opportunities for refreshing their understanding.

Ellicom not only thinks outside the box, we often feel that we live outside it.  Whether it is adapting gamification components to a training concept as was done with Employment and Social Development Canada, or taking existing training formats and blending them together in original, engaging and interactive ways, Ellicom is gaining a reputation for providing their clients with original and impactful thinking.

We look forward to our next collaboration with the Canadian government and we congratulate them on embracing new training strategies.

In the meantime, enjoy the article!


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