SkillCatch: Capture each and every talent!


On March 19th, e-doceo, a privileged partner of Ellicom and leader in digital learning, launched its latest innovation: SkillCatch. This mobile application allows organizations to create and distribute their e-learning solutions internally.

Directly from CeBIT, the largest IT exhibition in the world, Jérôme Bruet, e-doceo’s CEO presented the new platform in front of 500 participants as well as 30 000 viewers via direct broadcasting. “Although we regularly propose innovative learning solutions, this particular launch will bring an unprecedented flexibility and democratization to the world of training,” Brunet declared.

SkillCatch is the first application that allows you to produce content in a matter of minutes without undergoing any formal training. With SkillCatch, you hold in the palm of your hand the ability to capture the talents all around you and share them with whomever you like. This allows you to create real, ready-to-use training instances that can effectively transmit each person’s expertise through educational video sequences that can be accessed at any time. You can create training sequences as easily as you would create an SMS.

Download SkillCatch for free or contact e-doceo Canada for more details.

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