ReBoot 2018 – To Be Fearless and Inspire Bold Learning Approaches


On November 8, 2018, ellicom hosted the Canadian learning event of the year—the ReBoot Learning Lab. This isn’t the first time we’ve been involved in hosting a conference. In fact, it was the sixth edition of our annual conference. In previous years, ellicom hosted the Bootcamp on Training Strategies in collaboration with partners, but this year it was time for a reset. This time, we aspired to put on an event that was an extension of our values. Out of this idea, ReBoot was born.

Our goal? To be fearless.

Our strategy? To show that cutting edge approaches to learning are not only desirable, but are, in fact, possible.

Fearless Learning Approaches

There is a pressing need for innovation in the training sector. Training solutions always start with a problem and a fix for that problem. To find the solution, it is common to go with familiar learning approaches. Rarely do we look outside the box. This is because there is a tendency to limit ourselves through our constraints. What we need to do is ask whether our constraints are necessarily limitations.

At ReBoot, we wanted to show that some constraints aren’t really constraints at all—they are opportunities. Need to update a large and cumbersome training programme for your organization? Why update it when you can shift to modular microlearning? Are you looking to familiarize your employees with critical situations within a physical environment but don’t have the time or logistical capability to do it? Why not develop a 360-degree video training that is fully trackable in your LMS? We did! Do you want your target learners to become invested in the content? Try harnessing the power of storytelling to transform a run-of-the-mill training course into compelling content.

The speakers and booths at ReBoot were forward-looking while remaining firmly rooted in the present. We wanted to show that new solutions to old problems are ready and waiting, you just need to be fearless in your approach.

Shifting the Paradigm

A solution that is technically possible might not be realistic. If there were no constraints, big companies with thousands of employees might be investing millions in VR equipment. That may not be realistic, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t achieve a similar impact by going in a different direction. ReBoot focused on changing how we think about training.

At ReBoot, ellicom was successful in showing the advantages of thinking outside of the box. The speakers have all broken down barriers in their own specific way. While not everyone is ready to dramatically alter their training programmes, ellicom is focused on supporting organizations to make positive changes in their learning approaches. This kind of paradigm shift does not happen overnight, but the more possibilities that we showcase, the more companies will dream of new directions. ellicom will be there to transform that dream into a reality.

We hope to see you at next year’s ReBoot!

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