Celebrating the successful virtual closing event of Zú’s “Focus” program

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We are celebrating the successful closing event of Zú’s “Focus” (https://zumtl.com/en/page/focus-details) program, which was hosted on our virtual experience platform (VXP), fully customized and designed in Zú’s vision!

We are incredibly proud and honored to have worked with Noor El Bawab and Guillaume Thérien from Zú to bring this closing event to life. Initiated by Guy Laliberté, Founder of Cirque du Soleil and Lune Rouge, Zú is a non-profit organization whose mission is to gather, help and promote creatives in the entertainment sector to develop world-class innovative projects.

During the 12-week focus program, major players and industry leaders have been brought together with start-ups based in Québec and around the world to transform Montreal’s cityscape and enhance its visibility as creative and future-oriented location.



A fully customizable solution:

Our team designed a fully customized digital platform allowing us to re-create the physical experience in the virtual while perfectly reflecting the event’s unique audience and spirit. Unlike other virtual event platforms, our solutions are tailored to every event, and no two are ever alike. This makes our turnkey solution modulable and re-sequencable, guaranteeing that your event is exactly how you imagined it (and even better!)


Around the clock hands-on support:

We work passionately to turn every event into a success and shine the spotlight on participants, exhibitors, and organizers. We want them to be able to focus on the important things while our team takes care of all the logistics and provides full service and support behind the scenes from start to finish.

It has been incredibly fun to accompany and support the talented teams of the final co-hort of selected start-ups every step of the way. e→d films, Shaftesbury, Gallea, Gridspace and Madefire – you all looked like superstars!


Creating a unique ecosystem:

Turning visions into (virtual) reality while putting the human aspect in the center is at the core of what we do. It has been a great experience to, not only capture Zú’s dynamic and electric atmosphere of innovation within our platform, but to also design this mobile ecosystem to create meaningful connections and ideas without limits.

Kudos to everyone involved making this innovative program and closing event a success!


Get in touch with us to learn how we can bring your unique vision to virtual life with our customizable platform:


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