Digital transformation and flexible work policies: forging a new path amidst the COVID-19 crisis

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The arrival of COVID-19 has permanently altered the way we work. In our post-pandemic world, protecting the health and safety of our employees by putting in place remote work is going hand in hand with an overall digital transformation of businesses and organizations. According to data provided by Gallup Inc, “the percentage of workers who say their employer is offering them flex time or remote work options has grown from 39% at that time to 57%” and as much as 59% of employees would prefer to “work remotely as much as possible”.

Questioning the status quo and disrupting the world of education as we know it is at the heart of ellicom/LCI LX and the LCI Education Network. This goes hand in hand with an innovative and sustainable transformation of the way we operate and our goal of making work more flexible and comfortable for all employees.

Tele-working and high-speed digital collaboration have quickly become part of ellicom/LCI LX’s and LCI Education’s culture, and they are here to stay! 100% teleworking will be extended until the middle of 2021, after which an innovative and flexible telework policy will be established. The network’s focus is to help employees navigate our new normal by putting in place a supportive framework:

  • launching an innovative and flexible telework policy
  • alternating telework with face-to-face work (once authorized by the National Institute of Public Health)
  • maintaining social connections, collaboration, a positive culture and nurturing a sense of belonging
  • offering the necessary accommodations to ensure employees’ well-being
  • releasing a special budget to provide employees with tools essential for productivity and comfort.

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The global shift towards remote work is much more than just a temporary lifeline for organizations. It is an opportunity to seize a new path forward towards digital transformation and virtual collaboration. According to Forbes: “Now, with at least a third of the world’s population under some form of lockdown, coronavirus has forced widespread behavioural change. There has never been a greater need for technologies that can help us enhance limited physical environments. With virtual reality hardware advancing rapidly, the opportunity is ripe for transformative new applications to fill this need.” From innovative teleworking, to virtual classrooms and immersive learning environments, it’s time to turn a crisis into an opportunity for growth.

If you want to join us on this exciting journey and are interested in working with us: ellicom/LCI LX and LCI Education are currently hiring! Check out our open positions below:

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