ellicom/LCI LX wins Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence in Technology Award for Virtual reality-enabled mindful meditation tool


Toasts and celebrations came early this year for our teams at ellicom/LCI LX who brought home a Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence in Technology Award for our Virtual reality-enabled mindful meditation tool for stress reduction in the healthcare environment!

In partnership with Northwell Health and OVA, we are honoured to have been awarded Silver in the “Future of work: Best Advance in Corporate Wellbeing Technology” category for a virtual reality solution that combines the best of technological innovation with the human component.

Together with Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare provider and network, and OVA, a leader in the spatial computing, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality fields (with their authoring platform StellarX), ellicom/LCILX’ specialists in virtual learning designs) have created a virtual reality mindful meditation tool that allows the participants (in this case, physicians at Northwell Health) to take short meditation breaks during their workday. For the study, participants had access to 360-degree videos as well as 3D environments created with the StellarX platform and were able to immerse in the experience using either virtual reality headsets (such as Oculus) or VR viewers (such as Google Cardboards).

The immersive experience program is helping health care professionals balance their stress levels, which have significantly increased during times of COVID-19. It fosters and drives corporate wellbeing by using new technologies, addressing an urgent need in the health care sector and putting the human aspect in the center of the experience.

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Leveraging virtual reality technology to shape the future of human work  

Increased stress and anxiety in the workplace are widespread phenomena in many of today’s industries. If symptoms are ignored and untreated, the risk of developing burnout or symptoms of burnout increases. Therefore, more and more companies and organizations have been looking for ways to reduce their employees’ stress levels. Stress reduction has become increasingly and particularly important for the healthcare industry, especially considering that the current pandemic has pushed many healthcare workers to their limits. COVID-19 has put a magnifying glass on an issue that has become more crucial than ever and deserves our and the industry’s full attention: the reduction of stress and anxiety in the workplace to prevent burnout and allow employees to work in a more balanced and healthier way.  

The benefits of healthier employees in all industries are numerous. Creating mindful environments and experiences can transform the way employees work and interact. Implementing mindful strategies and tools must be considered as crucial elements in the future work environment. Not only do mindful practices have a positive impact on the wellbeing of individuals, but implementing mindfulness also reduces the actual costs for businesses and organizations. The “cost of un-mindfulness” includes “wasting time, not understanding things, mental roadblocks, poor emotional well-being, not enjoying life, [lack of] sleep, communicating poorly, [being] more distractible.”(Dr. Hassed, Craig and Dr. Chambers, Richard. Mindful Learning: Reduce stress and improve brain performance for effective learning, Exisle Publishing, Jan 9, 2014, p.44-46.)

Consequently, giving employees the tools to de-stress, rest and recharge can lead to a decrease in frustration and unhappiness and potentially help prevent burnout. To summarize, applying mindful practices is not only an investment in reducing actual costs related to stress, burnout, and fatigue; it is also a tool allowing companies and organizations to tap into employees’ cognitive flexibility and their mental awareness.

COVID-19 has changed our economy and the global market. In the face of the pandemic, the world has entered a new normal and the need for digital transformation in countless industries is at the forefront of this development. Numerous health and safety protocols have been established, forcing us to rethink the logistics of activities previously tied to physical presence.

Successful corporate wellbeing practices must be sustainable, which is why our program is advocating the need to incorporate regular mindful practices in employees’ workdays, leading to sustainable positive change in their general wellbeing.


Creating a bridge between new immersive technologies and human needs

In today’s new normal, many workers have been pushed to their limits. The mindful meditation tool and program are combining the best of technological innovation with the human component. The solution creates a bridge between new immersive technologies and the urgent need for stress reduction and burnout prevention in our post-pandemic world and economy. It helps address the immediate need for corporate wellbeing in times of crisis. In an innovative approach, the tool and program are providing a solution that can be truly experienced on a multi-sensory level.

The preliminary results after one month confirm the program’s effectiveness, by having decreased the heartrate, and blood pressure in participants.

Our full research study is available for download below:

Virtual reality mindful meditation as a tool for stress reduction in the healthcare environment



For more information on the Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards: https://www.brandonhall.com/excellenceawards/



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