ellicom/LCILX hosting the Ottawa International Animation Festival on our Virtual Experience Platform


The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF), one of the world’s best known and loved animation events is moving its screenings and talks online for the 2020 event and we are incredibly excited to be hosting the event on our Virtual Experience Platform VXP! The 12-day event is running from September 23 to October 4 (http://www.animationfestival.ca/).



“At first we wanted to mimic the live event as much as possible, but then the team started to think of ways we could take the things people love about the OIAF and make it more suited to an at-home experience,” says Managing Director Kelly Neall. “It’s a chance to get creative and try some new things”.

Our customized virtual experience platform will securely showcase the films for an international audience while also incorporating a social component. From artist talks, workshops, virtual meetings and exhibitions to a big virtual party, the OIAF team and ellicom/LCILX are excited to create unforgettable experiences!

Visit ellicom.com or contact us at info@ellicom.com to learn more about our customized virtual experience platforms and digital solutions.

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