How Giving Back Can Be Fun, Easy and Rewarding in Every Way!

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Asking people to donate to charity is never easy. Even when it’s for a good cause! Individuals and businesses are already swamped with requests to donate to charitable organizations. Well, there are a couple different ways to raise funds. You can either solicit and plead for generosity from others or you make it fun and exciting to donate.

At ellicom, we wanted to give back to our community in a way where people could feel comfortable contributing to a good cause, while making it exciting and fun to participate. What better way to raise money than by drawing prizes! And what better event to host a draw than ellicom’s Learning Event of the Year, the ReBoot Learning Lab! Donating is much more interesting when there are prizes to be won! And this definitely added to the excitement of the event.

First, ellicom sent donation request letters to its partners and clients, asking if they would be willing to donate gifts for a draw at our event to benefit the LCI Education Foundation. The response was amazing! We had top prizes for the raffle: Frank & Oak gift certificates, a gift basket from Daniele Henkel, pearl necklaces from Laferrière & Brixi, a signed and framed picture of Jean Béliveau donated by Canada Post, VR Glasses from our partner OVA, Bose speakers and even a dinner for two at Europea from the great Jérôme Ferrer! The draw was a real success! Throughout the day, people lined-up at the LCI Education Foundation Booth and bought dozens of tickets at a time.

Thanks to the generosity of our participants, ellicom was able to raise over $1,000 in just one day for the LCI Education Foundation in support of providing underprivileged children with access to quality education locally and around the world.

ellicom wishes to thank all its partners and clients who generously donated prizes during the ReBoot Learning Lab held on November 8, 2018, and all participants who gave so generously to help children’s literacy in our own community and in underdeveloped countries.

Asking for donations doesn’t have to be hard: you just need to be inventive, have great prizes and make it fun and exciting!

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