The legalization of cannabis in Canada and its repercussions in the workplace


At ellicom, we are sensitive to issues that affect all work environments. We have, therefore, created a series of training sessions on topics of general interest, designed for the general public. It is our own way of giving back to society!

Cannabis is a hot topic in the media right now. Although many have welcomed the legalization plan set to enter into effect this summer, it is a move that causes concern for countless others. And for employers, it raises its own set of questions:

  • What kind of impact will the legalization of cannabis have in the workplace?
  • Will it be necessary to adopt certain procedures regarding cannabis consumption?
  • What kind of responsibilities will the employer have?

While scientific and opinion articles are coming from all sides, ellicom created a short module to prepare managers for this new reality. Laws, responsibilities, what to do when in doubt—we offer practical information that will hopefully guide reflections and discussions on this inevitable organizational shift for all Canadian businesses.


Would you like to implement this training module within your company? Write to us at to receive the publishing files free of charge.


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