What makes our online courses exceptional
knowledge-transfer tools?


A wide range of interactive learning activities

Our online courses provide an interactive learning experience, employing over 25 types of instructional activities designed to sustain learner attention and support knowledge retention. Discover a new approach to learning!


Content developed by skilled experts

International experts who possess a keen understanding of their respective fields, along with instructional designers, enrich our online courses with their extensive knowledge and experience.


Courses based on real workplace situations

The instructional content of our online courses is based on real workplace situations. The scenarios presented reflect the field experience of experts from various industries. If you’re looking for a practical, hands-on approach, you’ve come to the right place!


Learner-centred instruction

Instructional activities place learners at the centre of the training process. Learners are required to participate on each screen throughout the training program to reach learning objectives. 


No subscription or long-term contracts

No subscription is required to start taking advantage of our online boutique to upgrade your skills or those of your employees. All you need to do is open an account and pay only for the courses you want. We know you’ll be more than satisfied with our “on-demand” approach. 

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 Discover our volume discounts


One course / Multiple users

We offer favourable volume discounts on all courses in our catalogue based on the number of users—the greater the number, the greater the discount!


Multiple courses / Multiple users

Are you interested in several of our courses? Take advantage of significant volume discounts so your employees can access all or part of our course catalogue!

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Customize your courses

We offer 3 levels of customization. You can customize the interface (your company logo, colours, etc.), the structure and the content of your courses—the possibilities are virtually endless! To customize your courses, contact us after making your purchase so we can meet your specific needs.


Use our LMS or yours

You can attend courses online through our learning management system for no additional charge or through your own LMS. This way you can monitor learner progress and synchronize course access to your internal HRMS. To integrate courses with your LMS, contact us after you make your purchase.

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