Strategy Consulting

Unsure about the best strategy to achieve your training objectives? No problem—our experienced consultants will help you design an online or offline training strategy adapted to your needs.

Blended Architecture

Coaching, simulations, games, presentations: Online or in-class? Judiciously combine different presentation methods and pedagogical strategies in a way that fits your requirements and objectives using a perfectly integrated, agile, flexible, and effective training course.


Take advantage of gaming mechanisms and principles to foster engagement and motivation in your learners. Used wisely, this strategy is an excellent way to meet your training objectives.

Serious games and simulations

Perfect your learners’ knowledge and skills by placing them in realistic scenarios and immersive environments that reflect those they will face in the field.

Digital learning

Whether using rapid, traditional, turnkey, or custom development, our trainings programs all combine the optimal use of technology and interactivity with identified and measurable learning objectives to train your teams everywhere, at any time, within a solid framework.

Mobile learning

Smartphones, tablets and even Apple Watch. We design trainings programs that can go anywhere, allowing your learners to learn when and where is most convenient for them by taking full advantage of mobile technologies.

Large-scale projects

We will put together a multidisciplinary team to guide you throughout your project, no matter the amount of change you wish to implement, or the complexity of your training project.


Short, but highly effective! This approach breaks down learning into small segments (30 seconds to 7 minutes), making it easier for learners to quickly access the information they need and assimilate it better. This approach is particularly in sync with today’s digital habits.

Video & Motion Design

Teasers, short animations, promotional videos. We form your words, ideas and stories into images to capture your learners’ attention and fuel their imagination through high-quality and dynamic media.

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