e-doceo's software suite

To create, implement and manage

your e-learning solutions.

E-doceo Content Manager

Training content management system

With e-doceo’s LMS, you can increase your productivity and autonomy by using the solution’s collaborative management features (reusing media, recording modifications, annotating content, planning, etc.). Organize your pedagogical resources and training teams in a 100% cloud-based system.

WYSIWYG interface is designed to help novice users get the most out of the software.

You can easily adjust the visual identity, ergonomics and navigation options based on training or learner requirements.

Create templates that can be reused in elearning maker.

Easily adapt your visual identity depending on your audience.

Rapid Learning

Design your trainings in just a few clicks

With e-doceo content manager, your designers can produce training content in a matter of minutes, including interactive courseware, Flash and HTML animation, and videos. Furthermore, with TvLearn® technology, trainers can present their PowerPoint while providing commentary in front of their webcam to create an instantly ready-to-use training resource.

Add custom evaluations to check learner comprehension.

Monitor progress and changes to your e-learning project in real time.

Create custom animations in a user-friendly editor, without having to know Flash.

Add TvLearn videos and format them as needed. Ideal for converting existing training materials into Web video formats.

Scenario-Based E-Learning

An authoring tool for your training solutions

From storyboarding to media production, over fifty activities and exercises are available to help you design your training solutions. Learners can benefit from truly dynamic e-learning content that includes everything from serious games to compatibility with mobile technology (smartphone, tablet).

Thanks to its "scriptwriter" mode, the software offers a unique way to structure your learning objectives and organize the content of your unformatted training materials.

Check the sequence of training activities at any time, even if they're non-linear.

Get a real-time preview without having to export your creation.

Choose from a library of over 50 activities and exercises. If necessary, you can create custom activities using the ActionScript language.

E-doceo Learning Manager

A complete LMS

Train millions of learners and measure the efficiency of your training strategy by generating custom reports. This learning management system is ideal for e-learnings or even as a support tool for classroom training. Available in “Software as a Service” mode, e-doceo learning manager offers high data security and an operating flexibility that adjusts to your organizational structure.

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