Soula Chronopoulos

Soula Chronopoulos


Ms. Chronopoulos has over 20 years of experience in the fields of healthcare, medical training, international trade, and real estate investment and development. Before joining ellicom, she held strategic positions in national and international organizations in addition to founding two companies, one of which PROFIT magazine ranked 54th among the top 200 “Fastest Growing Technology Companies.” Ms. Chronopoulos has been recognized for her achievements many times throughout her career: she was named one of the Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs, and she has received two “Chief Learning Officer Awards,” one of the most prestigious awards in the field of education. Ms. Chronopoulos’s impressive career path, noteworthy expertise, and professional dedication make her the ideal candidate to take ellicom to the next level and compete with the global leaders in the training industry.

Patrick Després

Patrick Després

Vice-President, Creative Strategies

A trained graphic designer, Patrick quickly established himself as an inspired and meticulous art director. His keen sense of aesthetics has led him to redefine creative parameters and his design concepts have earned him several awards in Quebec and abroad. Patrick develops, among other projects, the visual concepts for ellicom’s training interfaces, which stand out in the industry due to their superior visual quality. He also knows how to mobilize and inspire his creative teams in order to come up with unique project ideas that are both engaging and immersive.

Kacem Goubella

Kacem Goubella

Director, Morocco office

A trained engineer with a passion for digital technology and its application towards competency development and training, Kacem has held the title of project manager and IT consultant in Morocco for over 10 years. Specializing in the development of e-learning projects, he has assisted many large companies and public institutions in implementing global training solutions. Kacem is responsible for managing operations at our office in Morocco.

Thomas Roy
Reana Marder
Christina Jurges
Nishan Joomun


Why work at ellicom?

The team

Over the years, we've assembled a bright, talented and above all, friendly team. This makes ellicom a great place to work.

The conditions

Group insurance, competitive salary and benefits, social club, comfortable open offices, and flexible hours.

The projects

We work on various subjects from aircraft manufacturing to the human nervous system or the making of rum. We value curious minds!


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