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The virtual 5G-enabled classroom of the future

With the continued support of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, we have created a prototype for a collaborative virtual and augmented reality classroom through OVA's StellarX platform and integrated it into our Virtual Experience Platform (VXP). In partnership with OVA, ellicom/LCILX participated in ENCQOR's 5G project (a pre-commercial collaborative platform for 5G research and technology projects) to test the potential of virtual collaborative spaces and explore what they could look like in an educational context. The tests were conducted with the help of LaSalle College’s campus (a member of the LCI Education network) and its students to develop the classroom of tomorrow.

Our research included:

  • Creating the virtual classroom of the future based on an immersive and collaborative platform (VXP)
  • Testing access to the virtual classroom in 5G with LaSalle College’s campus and students in order to develop the classroom of tomorrow
  • Breaking down the barriers of the physical classroom in order to reach students who would otherwise not have access to this quality education

At the end of this first phase of research and development, we can say that the virtual classroom of the future and 5G learning not only fill a void in an environment that does not allow us as much physical freedom, but also has the potential to break down barriers and open the door to immersive infrastructures and global collaboration and learning scenarios.

JAZZ Pharmaceuticals

In late 2017, JAZZ’s global HR team, in conjunction with the executive committee, launched a global leadership and management initiative with one key goal: to align their managers and leaders across the organization under a common vision in order to build great managers and leaders at JAZZ from the inside. We initiated the change management strategy with the launch of a digital magazine that featured the initiative, the journey and the perspectives of the CEO and key members of the executive committee.

This was followed by the learning sessions, targeting 400 leaders and managers throughout 2018, and the deployment of a strong communication strategy in the form of articles, spotlights, videos, micro-module series, open mic sessions, ongoing social networking and curated content and tools. The result: a resounding success! We have created a recurring theme around the image of ripples in the water when a pebble is thrown in, to illustrate how concrete actions (mindset) affect an entire organization.


I really enjoyed the size of the class and am glad to hear you are aiming to keep the number of learners at no more than 10–12. It was a great discussion and good to see everyone on screen! 


Bank of Canada

BDC’s “100 days to operational efficiency” program aims to improve the management capabilities of Canadian entrepreneurs through the development of key e-learning and transformative face-to-face learning initiatives and to increase Canadian entrepreneurs’ capabilities in the field of operational efficiency. Using scenario-based exercises and gamification elements, the learner is immersed in a fictional story that takes place over 100 days, receiving missions and challenges linked to rewards as well as several micro lessons.

The goals of the program were achieved, with over 1,400 registrations to date. Due to its success, BDC has released additional modules, including, most recently, “Financial Literacy”. The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive, and building on this success, BDC, backed by the federal government, has expanded the program to include “Financial Literacy” and a series of new topics targeted at supporting and developing entrepreneurs across Canada. 


Hydro-Québec’s traditional in-class, three-day training uses physical and fragile models to demonstrate electromagnetic induction-related phenomena and to make learners aware of the risks of electrocution. Induction poses a critical health danger to workers that need to work close to power lines. Our solution was to develop a VR program that includes a virtual world controlled by the trainer to simulate real-life scenarios.

The VR demonstrations allow the workers to see the danger with their own eyes and feel the results of induction with their own hands, while being immersed in a realistic work environment in which a power line is being repaired. In other words, this simulation makes the invisible visible, thus making learning more effective and safely preparing the learners to work in high-risk environments.


You can do it in an office setting. You’re not outside on a construction site with risk all around you. It’s all done virtually, so you can’t get hurt. It is so vivid, so real and immersive, that the behaviour we want the learners to adopt is burned into their brains. They know what it feels like to get electrocuted; they know how to identify the danger signs. And they remember the experience.

— Helene Mayette, Hydro-Québec


Virtual Open House on the Virtual Experience Platform

The world has entered a new normal since the beginning of the pandemic, and the need for digital transformation in countless industries is at the forefront of this development. LaSalle College needed to quickly find a solution that would allow them to host their annual Open House Events on the Montreal and Vancouver campuses, despite the restrictions linked to the health and safety protocols that have been put in place worldwide.

The result

There was an increase of over 300% of Open House Event participants compared to previous years!

Furthermore, our post-event surveys showed that participants would recommend attending the next LaSalle College Virtual Open House to a friend, that their perception of LaSalle College as an educational establishment has been influenced in a positive way, and that the Virtual Open House has influenced their interest in registering for LaSalle College.

Our solution was to provide participants and organizers with an innovative and interactive experience by crafting a virtual environment for LaSalle College’s Open House Events. We developed custom virtual and immersive experiences on our unique VXP platform, which aimed to recreate LaSalle College’s unique real-life events within a dynamic virtual world. The Open House Event participants had access to live presentations and talks, Q&A sessions, individual and group sessions with tutors and administrative personnel, 360-degree virtual tours of the campuses, downloadable information materials, and department showcase videos. In close communication with the organizers, we designed, developed and tailored the platform, created its contents, hosted and monitored LaSalle College’s unique virtual ecosystem and provided hands-on pre- and post-event support.


We are bringing to life high-quality solutions designed with a twist of magic to keep our customers at the forefront of innovation.

Personalized and Adaptive Learning

We apply AI to customize personalized and adaptive digital learning solutions. By analyzing learning program data and big data, we create behavioural learning modules and develop personalized training paths tailored to your needs.

Immersive Learning

Discover how we use virtual and augmented reality to leverage the power of interactivity and learners’ emotions. By creating immersive environments, we provide learners with engaging and transformational experiences. Whether it be through mixed reality approaches, 360-degree dynamic environments, auditory experiences, visual experiences or storytelling, we allow learners to dive into the learning content.


Achieve your training objectives by taking advantage of the mechanics and principles of game design. We use proven gamification techniques to increase learner engagement, motivation and knowledge retention. Monitor, measure and manage training results with our impactful gamification approaches.

Mobile / Social Learning

The power of learning is at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere! Whether it be on smartphones, tablets or smart watches, we optimize mobile technologies to design mobile-ready learning solutions that enable your learners to complete their training at their own pace and wherever they want.

Accessible Learning Programs

Navigate the numerous accessibility requirements and guidelines by creating accessible e-learning courses. We apply learning and design strategies to bring appealing accessible e-learning modules to life without overengineering the design and production of your solution.

Virtual Events and Ecosystems

Our tailored virtual experience platform (VXP) is a turnkey solution that allows for the recreation of physical experiences in a virtual environment without compromising on the human aspect. Fully customizable and with around-the-clock support, the virtual experience platform provides a unique mobile ecosystem for virtual events, onboarding, leadership and skills training, performance support and more.

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Our story

We are Experience Specialists.

From the very beginning, we have questioned the status quo of online learning and digital events, because we believe that engaging virtual solutions must truly be experienced. Our strategies are adapted to the ever-changing demographics, industries and new technologies of our modern world. At ellicom, we never stop innovating, and research and development are part of our DNA.

ellicom/LCILX has been developing and implementing state-of-the-art e-learning solutions for almost 20 years, making us a pioneer of the online learning industry. Since 2002, our 90+ team members have been designing, developing and implementing fearless and ambitious training solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. As a member of the LCI Education Network, an international corporation established in 1959 and operating on 5 continents and 23 campuses, we have developed online courses serving over 12,000 students globally.

You’ve known ellicom/LCILX for disrupting the e-learning industry, and you are now witnessing a digital transformation in the making! In these unprecedented times caused by the pandemic, we have been leading and guiding our clients into our new virtual normal by helping them blend the physical with the virtual. We are driving our customers’ digital transformations by creating unique virtual ecosystems, tailored to all industries. From learning approaches to marketing events to digital transformation and experiences, we operate at the peak of innovation.

Since 2020, our studio has been anchored within LCILX, a global powerhouse that is driving digital transformation through virtual campuses, and the production of customized training solutions and virtual ecosystems for the global market.

In order to give back to communities and do our part to create a better world, we are donating part of our profits to the LCI Education Foundation, a registered charity committed to building schools in underprivileged areas and working towards equal access to education opportunities for everyone.

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